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you heard it here first , straight from the horse’s mouth!

I met up last week with MT. Rainey the pioneer behind a new charity and soon to be launched online mentoring service called, Horse’s Mouth. MT has raised funds from and the Russell Commission to build a new website and platform. It’s billed as e-mentoring but as we talked she explained that really it was like going straight to where the experience is. Not long-term one-on-one relationships that took place at fixed times. More like a first time mother being able to contact someone in her area who had “been there” recently and could pass on what she knew. While I thought longingly about how much I could have benefitted from such a service when young, I also reflect that while we had great similarities our target groups were different. Who knows they might franchise their web solution later on, so that would be one for us to explore. At the end she said reassuringly I think, that she had been where I am a year ago..hmm quite a hard act to follow!


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Pledger Jan Leeman alerted me to this excellent service. E-clips from Cornell University. It’s currently being used on the ground in Armenia by the Women’s Business Society. This is another good example of how publishing experience to share can support global mentoring.


collection was created by Dr. Deborah Streeter and contains thousands of video clips that were created from in-depth video interviews or presentations by entrepreneurs and other experts involved with supporting entrepreneurship and small businesses. Interviewees include startup and experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, bankers, angel investors, and employees of startup companies.

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logos on an ipod…

One of the great things that happened at TED for me was that pledger Sam Ajluni from BBDO Detroit introduced himself and showed me some logos he has designed for our embryonic organisation …on his ipod! Tantalisingly fast I have to say, I never got his ipod in my hands! Amazing how concrete something looks when you see a logo. He will share these first steps very soon. Other design ideas always welcome!

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antibes calling

pledger Amy Nicholls is busy starting her new company but found time to visit me in London before she moves to Switzerland in June for six months. She wants to help out by researching some of the offers we have been made by projects on the ground with potential mentees to be, or should that be mentorees? In particular she has some good contacts in India she will explore for us, and that is where she will start. We discussed a few quandries of our own! One that keeps coming up – we are thinking big, but want to start small to test out a number of assumptions about what we can deliver, and what the expectation of our mentees might be.
I’m putting together and outline of some testing we might run over the summer – what would you like to see us try out?

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hello technorati!

This post is so that we can link up to Technorati

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pledgers are doing it for themselves…

I’m getting emails from pledgers offering ideas and thoughts for us. Russell Davies is a man of many sites. He has found that many planners around the world in small agencies never get any good training and just have to make stuff up on their own – so he started the Account Planning School Of The Web. He sets an assignment a month and anyone who wants to can send in an entry. He and his visiting planning gurus offer advice and thoughts and everyone gets a change to see what everyone else has submitted…

Most of Russell’s participants are from Eastern Europe and Latin America. I am definately going to find out more. We’re thinking about what we should and should not publish from our mentoring conversations. But setting assignments online for large groups to see could be one way or doing some of it in public. What do you think?


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cooperative downloading

Sometimes I see stuff at work (BBC) before it gets released and that is very exciting, but occasionally it is breathtaking. I got to a presentation of the researchers at the Technical University of Delft (organised by Tom Loosemore) about their new release of something called Tribler. Tribler adds a level of social networking and cooperative downloading to the peer to peer filesharing experience. You need about ten PHDS to follow the fine print. For those of you who are technically minded you can now download it to try it out. Why am I posting about it here? Well, it’s another example of people working to maxmise the benefits of social groups over the internet. In this start-up phase that is exactly what we are doing – using our networks to get this thing up and running. Getting by with a little help from your friends…

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