Love the idea of meeting everyone on the pledge list, but how on earth to do it? So grateful to the generosity of the organisers of the TED Conference this year who hosted five lunches on one day of the conference and posed a difficult choice to all conference goers. Think too about lunched wedged between Peter Gabriel and Pastor RickWarren, when TEDsters had to choose between the Global Mentoring Lunch, the WorldChanging Lunch and the Chic, Geek or Antique lunch! 90 people came to our lunch…90!

Did anybody take any pictures? I was too busy passing around the mike, facilitating the room, answering questions even to reach for my phone…

Apart from the chance for people to meet each other and hear a bit more, people came to speak to me afterwards to offer thoughts, business cards, ideas and help. Fantastic. It also gave others the opportunity to identify me and come and speak to me over the next few days. Remarkable that in our days of signing up there are still plenty of people who want to help behind the scenes without speaking up in public, or signing pledges.

It has inspired me to organise a meet up in the UK. We have about 45 pledgers here all over the British Isles and Eire. It’ll be a test of fortitude for people battling through London rain and traffic when it happens, unlike sunny Monterey! It’s going to be March 29th btw.

Perhaps pledgers in France, or Canada will be inspired to meet up. If you have not yet signed up to the Frappr Map pls let me know and I will send you an invite.


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