the story of the list

Pledgebank did a lot of work for us, but so did the support and help of bloggers, people with great email lists, word of mouth. First TED and the people lucky enough to have been to a TED conference got a couple of great emails from Chris. Soon to be joined by early bloggers who pledged. Special thanks to Euan, all the people I met at the wonderful Global Voices Online conference,Beth Kantor, Ethan Zuckerman and even people who weren’t at the conference.. Curt Hopkins. Then Beth’s friends, Nancy White , all the pledgers who are also members of the Omidyar network who must have talked to each other and Karen Christensen at Berkshire Publishing, another source of inspiration! Thanks to whomever it was at Neweurasia, and last but not least as I was so thrilled on Peter Gabriels’ Real World Full Moon site.

A big thank you to you all.

So, where did you see the pledge?


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