knock! knock! who’s there?…random approaches.

When we asked where all the mentees would come from on the pledge list we got lots of great suggestions..more later. One though was refeshingly simple from pledger Ian. He thought there would be people out there who would jump at the chance so experiemented with a random approach like the one he (already a practising life coach) had had that morning from Senegal via Skype.

When I got back from the US and asked him how it went. “Not so good in the end ~ turned out to be scam! After exchanging a few emails she mentioned a large sum of money that needed to be transferred and to give her a ring etc etc. Needless to say the emails/Skype chats have now stopped” .

So of course noone wants to be bogged down by process, but we do need to make sure that all mentors and all mentees are safe and secure, in the simplest possible way. All ideas, as ever, very welcome!



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3 responses to “knock! knock! who’s there?…random approaches.

  1. Ian

    I just want to echo Lucy’s post. This turned out to be a variation on the well known ‘Nigerian’ scam, although much more sophisticated initially. She found me (not sure how) on Skype and stated a chat. She was very interested that I was a life coach and told me she needed a coach. She was very sad and needed someone to help her find a relationship and change her life around. I offered to work with her using Skype chat, partly because I wanted to see how coaching could work online. She soon sent a link to a news story about the death of her father, the vice-president.

    We had a couple of ~ I thought ~ successful sessions, and then I guess patience ran out! Although I had made it clear I was with a long-term partner, she started making comments about her relationship with me. One way of attempting to build trust I guess!

    Then came the sting … she gave me a number to ring and, apparently, the reverend who ran her refugee camp would send for her. She would give me all the details of millions of dollars that she would send to me. Supposedly this was so I could buy airline tickets and set up her new life in the UK. Of course I didn’t call and blocked her e-mail address.

    In the end this was too obviously a scam. But these operations are getting more sophisticated and we may be in the front line. I agree, Lucy, we don’t want to get bogged down with red tape but we do need to ensure we are safe.

  2. Sounds grim and unfortunate, but still a useful “learning experience” for us all as we try to set up relationships with one another in the disembodied aether, I guess.

  3. How about an E-bay style rating system to rank metors and mentees ?

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