pledgers are doing it for themselves…

I’m getting emails from pledgers offering ideas and thoughts for us. Russell Davies is a man of many sites. He has found that many planners around the world in small agencies never get any good training and just have to make stuff up on their own – so he started the Account Planning School Of The Web. He sets an assignment a month and anyone who wants to can send in an entry. He and his visiting planning gurus offer advice and thoughts and everyone gets a change to see what everyone else has submitted…

Most of Russell’s participants are from Eastern Europe and Latin America. I am definately going to find out more. We’re thinking about what we should and should not publish from our mentoring conversations. But setting assignments online for large groups to see could be one way or doing some of it in public. What do you think?



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2 responses to “pledgers are doing it for themselves…

  1. Jan Leeman

    I really like the idea of publishing assignments for large groups. Such an approach has been used for years with distance learning efforts. Perhaps one aspect of global mentoring is teaching.

  2. Darren Abrahams

    Sounds like a great idea! Perhaps it could just be one aspect of the service offered, alongside the more personal approach of one on one mentoring. I’m beginning to think more and more that there isn’t just one way of doing this – what does mentoring mean? Is it just a one on one relationship or can it involve a group of mentors? Perhaps the answer is project specific. Do we have to be pr0scriptive about our methods – maybe as we build the pool of mentors the appropriate level of mentoring will happen naturally. I can see a large scale project in a Developing country could use the skills of several different mentors, whilst it may be more appropriate for an individual who wishes to forge a relationship with someone in particular for long term advise and support, finds a single mentor to fulfill that role. It would be interesting to design a system that allows for this flexibility.

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