antibes calling

pledger Amy Nicholls is busy starting her new company but found time to visit me in London before she moves to Switzerland in June for six months. She wants to help out by researching some of the offers we have been made by projects on the ground with potential mentees to be, or should that be mentorees? In particular she has some good contacts in India she will explore for us, and that is where she will start. We discussed a few quandries of our own! One that keeps coming up – we are thinking big, but want to start small to test out a number of assumptions about what we can deliver, and what the expectation of our mentees might be.
I’m putting together and outline of some testing we might run over the summer – what would you like to see us try out?


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  1. Darren Abrahams

    I think it would be great to try out the selection process from a variety of viewpoints. Perhaps there will be enough projects to try different ways of selecting to see which works best – eg one project where the mentor is selected by the mentee, one where the mentor selects the mentee and one where a panel or third party decides on the participants. Perhaps there is not just one way of making the pairing, but it would be good to see what works.

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