you heard it here first , straight from the horse’s mouth!

I met up last week with MT. Rainey the pioneer behind a new charity and soon to be launched online mentoring service called, Horse’s Mouth. MT has raised funds from and the Russell Commission to build a new website and platform. It’s billed as e-mentoring but as we talked she explained that really it was like going straight to where the experience is. Not long-term one-on-one relationships that took place at fixed times. More like a first time mother being able to contact someone in her area who had “been there” recently and could pass on what she knew. While I thought longingly about how much I could have benefitted from such a service when young, I also reflect that while we had great similarities our target groups were different. Who knows they might franchise their web solution later on, so that would be one for us to explore. At the end she said reassuringly I think, that she had been where I am a year ago..hmm quite a hard act to follow!


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