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logos galore

you’ve seen the web2logos now see all our new logos! A big Thank You toTedster,Sam Ajluni,who first showed me some of them on his Ipod at Ted. He’s done some great work and here they are. I know which I would chose – but let me know what you think. Either here on the blog, or if you click on an icon you’ll get to our Flickr page




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Pledger Curt Hopkins is launching a new blog project in Botswana. It’s a project to increase HIV/AIDS education in the African country of Botswana through blogging and is the kind of project which could yield wonderful and important results in its own right but also could lead to new projects which would benefit from mentors in the future.

but what I really love about the way he and his colleague Brian Schartz write about the way the culture of Botswana where he lived has affected his life and working practises

There is a saying in Setswana that I have adopted as part of my life. “Boiteko ke boikone.” Trying is success. I believe that our project could be part of the solution to this crisis that plagues Botswana.

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fantasy mentors

thanks to the Guardian…a concept for us.

Locating an appropriate mentor isn’t easy. There are no mail-order catalogues displaying a range of besuited CEOs with come-hither expressions. You cannot score mentoring from a street hoodlum or bid for it on eBay

This project has been described as a social marketplace…a public utlity, and this article could have been written just for us. How do you find a good mentor? That is one of the biggest questions we are trying to resolve. Could you ever find one on Ebay? Now there’s a thought. Why not be the Ebay of mentoring? At least three pledgers have come up with this thought But just what are we trading..let me have your comments!


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mentoring for america

At TED 2004 the first seeds for a mentoring project were sown. 100 Tedsters entered a TED Cruise Challenge (on Monterey Bay…) and had to brainstorm then compete to produce one winner of an idea to change the world. The winning idea was the product of a coalition of three groups who had successfully negotiated their alliance over breakfast. Anyway – it was to create a Mentoring Alliance and one of the first big partners they wanted to work with was Camp America – working with kids. Happily National Mentoring Month in the US last January provided links to an online mentoring toolkit to any mentoring programme registered with them. The toolkit sounds great and we had high hopes of being able to test it and possibly customize it. But sadly despite the efforts of one pledger the answer so far is no. It is only for use inside the US and only with kids..that’s telling us, but who knows , it might be useful for you. They have a fantastic array of funding partners but sadly no Creative Commons Licence!

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