fantasy mentors

thanks to the Guardian…a concept for us.

Locating an appropriate mentor isn’t easy. There are no mail-order catalogues displaying a range of besuited CEOs with come-hither expressions. You cannot score mentoring from a street hoodlum or bid for it on eBay

This project has been described as a social marketplace…a public utlity, and this article could have been written just for us. How do you find a good mentor? That is one of the biggest questions we are trying to resolve. Could you ever find one on Ebay? Now there’s a thought. Why not be the Ebay of mentoring? At least three pledgers have come up with this thought But just what are we trading..let me have your comments!



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3 responses to “fantasy mentors

  1. An Ebay for mentoring would work provided certain stumbling blocks for the mentee are not the issue. A mentoring exchange would work provided the mentee is clear about what she wants. It’s a very exciting idea – but it could be an intimidating one.

  2. thanks Neha! well we wouldn’t want it to be hunch is that a social marketplace develops over time as trust is established. Also design is key, the journey should be simple and friendly for everyone..will be on the lookout for a designer with great user-experience design skills to help us model several ways forward that have been suggested.

  3. I would think that a wiki where people can put their skills and needs up on a page would go a long way. Can’t we just sign up, browse eachother and sign off on partnerships?

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