Pledger Curt Hopkins is launching a new blog project in Botswana. It’s a project to increase HIV/AIDS education in the African country of Botswana through blogging and is the kind of project which could yield wonderful and important results in its own right but also could lead to new projects which would benefit from mentors in the future.

but what I really love about the way he and his colleague Brian Schartz write about the way the culture of Botswana where he lived has affected his life and working practises

There is a saying in Setswana that I have adopted as part of my life. “Boiteko ke boikone.” Trying is success. I believe that our project could be part of the solution to this crisis that plagues Botswana.


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  1. Thanks for mentioning us, Lucy. I could definitely see MW’s gang of rabble rousers dialing in to the project when it gets going.

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