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you’ve seen the web2logos now see all our new logos! A big Thank You toTedster,Sam Ajluni,who first showed me some of them on his Ipod at Ted. He’s done some great work and here they are. I know which I would chose – but let me know what you think. Either here on the blog, or if you click on an icon you’ll get to our Flickr page




Quote bubble
quote bubble

Around the world
around the world


Black and white
black and white

All licensed with a Creative Commons license.



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24 responses to “logos galore

  1. Several excellent submissions, Lucy. I really like the bottom two, particularly the last one.

  2. Nils Galdo

    Lucy I like the black and white logo. An idea, maybe do not sharp too much the M and W in the image.
    Best Nils

  3. Mark Grimes

    Great stuff Sam, very nice designs. I very much like the top design “Digital” I think the graphis is a great stand alone (like the Nike swoosh), and like the font chosen for the that logo too. It will also look good in simple b/w too. In short, it’s the clear winner to me for an overall brand identity.

  4. These are ALL good. My only recommendation is that I would integrate or highlight the “mentoring” concept a little more explicitely in the logo…hands? figures? faces?

    Something with a human element? These all seem to highlight the “worldwide” aspect of the logo. Perhaps in a way that the “M” and “W” are integrated into two hands (this is alluded to in the lime green one, but I’m not as fond of the wedge-shaped placement of the words in that one.

  5. I think my first choice is Black and White. Second choice is Quote Bubble.

    In reference to Nils’s suggestion, I would actually say that I like it just as it is. The sharpness appeals to me.

  6. I like the design on the Black and White but would like to see green or orange in the design, not so staid. Humanizing the logo a bit may not be a bad idea either. I didn’t get Digital at first, but after reading Mark’s comment I’d agree that it’s a great look.

    We’re launching IAMAMO this summer with you in mind; a few select mentorships in our studio for media production students around the globe. Mind if we link here now?

  7. Deb Watson

    Quote bubble has the most appeal to me. Looking closer at the image, the ‘M’ and ‘W’ seem to be embracing a globe..or the world. The colours are also bold and bright without any gaudiness. There is also potential to add a variety of quotes in the middle of the bubble and versatility is always good!

  8. Laura Zieger

    They are all very nice and any would represent us well. Here are specific comments for each:

    Digital- A little too abstract

    Chunky- Not appealing as the others

    Electric- I like the graphic but it doesn’t show the human element as much as others

    Quote Bubble- Incorporates all of the concepts (I might like the lettering changed a bit)

    Around the World- Also incorporates all of the elements but, again, I would like the name/lettering changed

    Reflection- Not as appealing as the others

    Black and White- My first choice though I can’t help but think of cats


  9. I like the black and white and the digital one. But, they are all really nice!

  10. The first one. 🙂
    The last two feel like logos of management consultancies/ law firms.

  11. this is so interesting…but I can’t really say which one I like best, can I ? Nor can Sam. But there will be an outcome!

  12. mark fallows

    Digital logo works best for me. Also like quote bubble. It’s the simplicity of both ideas i like. The sense of flow and balance. “Electric” reminds me of the William Morris agency (http://www.wma.com/) logo a little and therefore feels wrong.

  13. Roman Lubynsky

    All are great and interesting.

    That said, I vote for the last one – black and white. I guess I’m kind of a minimalist guy. But I could be talked into the digital one.

  14. I vote for the first one or the last one. yay!

  15. Chris Anderson

    Spectacular contribution, Sam… The cleverness of the M/W works really well. Personally I like best the elegance and simplicity (and choice of font) of Black and White (would equally like it in color). But Neil may have a point that there shd be a sense of actual mentoring in the logo.

  16. Ken Allgood

    Some very good designs, but the “Digital” and Black & White” really stand out and provide a more original and unique logo overall. I would also agree with Neil in regards to a stronger incorporation of the “human element” into the design if possible, as that is truly the focus of this endeavor.

  17. Jan Belson

    The two that resonate with me and what I envision as the mentoring process are Digital and Global bubble. Both are uplifting and global in their reach and project a strong branding opportunity.
    Congratulations on a job well done.

  18. While this is a good first array of logo design, I’d like to see a second pass integrating the comments and focusing on 2-3 designs.
    My personal choice was the Quote Bubble with some modifications. I liked the M/W theme carried out in an arch/circle shape as it felt warmer and more user friendly. I’d like to see it in black and white, perhaps using one color (rust). I’d like to see the wording in a different font following a circular pattern at the bottom. I’d also like to see how the M/W or Mentoring Worldwide would look within the circle shape. There could also be a tag line such as “help make a difference” though I am not suggesting this specifically, rather its the concept.
    As many of you probably do when selecting a logo design, I am envisioning not only the target audience, but the branding and marketing opportunities.
    Additional thoughts?

  19. Farhan Ahmad

    All excellent logos, but for me there are 2 that really stand out:

    Digital because (a) I think it best communicates the one to one mentoring aspect of this group and (b) it can truly be a stand alone logo.

    Black & White because it is the simplist and most elegant logo. However, it doesn’t reflect the group mission or “brand”.

    My vote therefore would be for “Digital”.

  20. I like chunky. It’s friendly and makes me smile.

  21. thanks everyone for your comments – there are also another ten on our Flickr pages, so thirty altogether. I know there are one or two more of you who have things to say and Sam too is reading all the comments. It’s great to get your feedback and preferences and while we are not going to take a vote on it it is very very useful!

  22. mikey

    1. quote bubble
    2.last one
    3. digital

    I agree with dyanne, if sam has time to rework whatever the most popular 2 or 3 turn out to be & go for another vote, that would be great.
    I think a particularly brilliant marketer needs to come up with a positioning statement for us too. something that people with remember when they see all the blogs & newspapers writing about lucy & our cause!!

  23. My vote is with chunky or quote bubble. I agree with the person who says that the black and white is too law firmish…better to go with something “warm”

  24. Sam Ajluni

    Lots of great, insightful comments from all of youI agree that all the logos need further development, whether its design, type treatment or playing with color. However, fundamentally I would like to stay in this area of exploration.

    I will synthesize the comments and incorporate what I feel would get us to the next level and come up with 2 or 3 completed designs for consideration. I will be making the decisions guided by some of the feedback. Look for them in the very near future.

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