comparing models

One of the many things I said I would do is look at different existing mentoring and mentoring-type organisations. Thanks to M.T.Rainey of Horses’ Mouth and Gideon Lyons of Unltd for sending me these two remarkably different types of examples. is a Netherlands-based charity whose novel idea is to create online villages around specific projects (development-focussed) and ask online volunteers or “neighbours” to help with the needs of the village or project. So what you get is a collaboration between online volunteers to provide the village with its needs. They also have a facilitator role per village.

africa villages and neighbours

Here is the story of Zapotillo in Ecuador. The project is complete so you can see the whole story, see who the volunteers are, and what they did. This is certainly the most original project I have seen so far – and they have about 4,500 volunteers currently helping 73 villages in 24 countries currently needing 169 actions. So perhaps we can help out here to get some practise!

The other project comes from Accenture the global management consultancy. They have started a charity called Accenture Development Partnerships aiming not to make a profit, but to cover its costs. It looks like a group of people from within the company had this idea and decided to make it work after good experiences of working with VSO. It’s part of Accenture’s corporate citizenship agenda and aims to deliver their services to NGOs and projects for a price they can afford.

accenture development charity

Both projects testify to a need and a demand which different organisations and groups of individuals are seeking to address. I’d love to hear what you think about both of these and their projects. There are case studies on both sites.


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