This blog charts the research and set up process of a new organisation called Mentoring Worldwide. Set up after a successful pledge on Pledgebank we are in the early stages of researching the field and scoping a trial and proof of concept. Our aim is to set up a global mentoring service and match mentors with skills with future mentorees based in the developing world who could benefit from such a partnership. We aim to make use of Ip-based tools whether fixed line or mobile, and free to the end user. The story is told from the beginning of the blog, and will be updated as we grow.


2 responses to “About

  1. I recently started a membership based menttor matching organization for law enforcement professionals. This is the first organization of its kind in the field of law enforcement. I have been working on the project for over 3 years, and am sure I could use any knowledge that has been gained through this project. I only found this website today, and plan to look through to see what I can find, but thought the best way to find answers is to ask questions.

  2. Hi Jason
    Apologies for the long delay in getting back to you. What is the best way to contact you ?

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