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Full Circle

One of the themes of my research conversations and meetings is about the “place” the work happens, or where does work happen? When I went to Netsquared to meet likeminded people in the US with the impression that the non-profit and tech sectors combined with philanthropy and funders was so better organised there I was told, in no uncertain terms , that I was mad and things were far better in London..more of this to come in following posts.

Evidently for us much work is done virtually, between real people, and or their avatars, in a place we have called and conceptualised as many things, – cyberspace, online, metaverse, chat rooms etc. But the “place” surely is the meeting place of motivation, need, demand and supply. And who better to talk to me about all of this than Nancy White whom I failed to “meet”in London when she was here talking to the BBC, hosted by colleague Robin Hamman, and to E-mint (her write up is in five posts from here to here.

Really I wanted some tips about designing our trial/pilot for maximum impact and learning and I am sure it was only the beginning of the conversation. But what really struck me is that designing for the second and third waves of adoption is going to be really interesting and pretty complex as we figure out and test the growing capacity of mobile phones to be a link in a chain of communications leading to an email or blog post for areas where fixed line connectivity may never really take off.

Links to check out from Nancy: Bioteaming and the wisdom of virtual team collaborations
Knoweldge Management for Development
The Institute for Development Studies
And a reference point for existing project groups in this area D-Groups


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green tea in palo alto

Leaving Cisco and Netsquared behind, back on the Light Rail and Cal Train to Palo Alto where I met with pledgers and supporters John Girard of Clickability and Jan Leeman.

They listened hard and got their impressive brains working on who I should meet in my remaining two days. They suggested three companies and got me meetings, or phone meetings with all of them there and then!

Microfinance is an area many people have suggested might be fruitful in terms of finding mentees and I was put in touch with a new and very impressive company, Kiva. to start talking about the realities of this suggestion.

My quest to find a good user-centred design approach to our cross-cultural needs, the desire to keep things simple to use, and simple to manage led to a call to brand new start-up Ruby Red Labs.

And third Taproot, an organisation that matches volunteers with non-profits who need volunteers to help them with their capacity building.

More about all of these organisations in due course. In the meantime though – check out this elegant tea bag. green tea( hesitate to call it bag really made, as it was , from the finest muslin)!

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logos revisited

Sam Ajluni and his designers have done a great job in working up two of the logos following suggestions. We are not done yet but the two are Digital and Quote Bubble. I know quite a few people liked Black & White, but there were some design concerns about the width and some interpretation concerns about which was the dominant party – the mentors above the line or the mentees reflected below the line. Whichever logo we choose in the end we will still work on the lettering and it will also be available in black and white. I have posted the reworked logos on our flickr page and just to say it is interesting to view them as a slideshow, – I found that helped me spot the ones I like the best. If you click on this one it should take you there too. D-2-3

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logos galore

you’ve seen the web2logos now see all our new logos! A big Thank You toTedster,Sam Ajluni,who first showed me some of them on his Ipod at Ted. He’s done some great work and here they are. I know which I would chose – but let me know what you think. Either here on the blog, or if you click on an icon you’ll get to our Flickr page




Quote bubble
quote bubble

Around the world
around the world


Black and white
black and white

All licensed with a Creative Commons license.


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logos on an ipod…

One of the great things that happened at TED for me was that pledger Sam Ajluni from BBDO Detroit introduced himself and showed me some logos he has designed for our embryonic organisation …on his ipod! Tantalisingly fast I have to say, I never got his ipod in my hands! Amazing how concrete something looks when you see a logo. He will share these first steps very soon. Other design ideas always welcome!

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