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what microloans miss, the business in the middle

From the New Yorker

“The cult of the entrepreneur that the microfinance boom has helped foster is understandably appealing. But thinking that everyone is, and should be, an entrepreneur leads us to underrate the virtues of larger businesses and of the income that a steady job can provide.”

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social enterprise (netsquared contd)

Lee Davis from NESst summed things up nicely for me in the session on new web tools and their revenue models when he talked about the need to match the values of the work you want to do with the business model chosen. “social enterprise is the current term for this kind of funding and area” he said. He highlighted the need for creativity in thinking about how to do this and extolled the benefits of the MFA over the MBA when it came to the field of social entrepreneurship.

With this the link was made at the conference bewteen non-profits , charities, and social entrepreneurs, a link which had been missing up until that point. Jim Fruchterman suggested that “Mission-based fundraising” was really the subject of this panel, and how to make the customers of your mission-based business your fundraisers. He felt the sector (non-profit) was years behind the times in terms of technology.

“People need to feel personally connected and get an emotional return” argued Clara Miller, CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund.

Lots of useful links in this session. Global Giving. Desribed by Wikipedia thus

GlobalGiving is an online marketplace that directly connects donors with grassroots projects in the developing world. Its mission is to become the world’s richest marketplace in international aid and philanthropy – rich not only in terms of funding, but also in terms of knowledge and innovation. Its long-term goal is to globalize opportunity

VolunteerMatch. Does what it says on the tin!

Benetech, founded by speaker Jim Fruchterman, supported by the Skoll Foundation and the Omidyar Network and winner of the Skoll Award for Social


NESsT’s mission is to find lasting solutions to systemic poverty and social injustice through the development of social enterprises — mission-driven businesses that increase the financial sustainability and social change impact of civil society organizations.

NESsT achieves its mission by combining the tools and strategies of business entrepreneurship with the mission and values of nonprofit entrepreneurship to support the development of social enterprises in emerging democracies worldwide

Surdna Foundation its history here. Non profit sector support.

Non Profit Finance Fund

One of the big question for us is what kind of social enterprise are we? As I am clear that is what we are.


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