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One response to “Subscribe here!

  1. Very interested in anything involving peer exchange across countries… particularly as this allows communities that are not privileged to travel widely to exchange experiences with people all over the world.

    Currently involved in youth mentoring projects, work with elderly, video documentary development by youth and children, photography exchanges between “insiders” and “outsiders”.

    Have a video project with coastal communities (youth) and a local knowledge project similarly in coastal communities with elderly residents. Would love to find ways to exchange documentaries with coastal communities around the world… I grew up in the UK (I’m British) with my father teaching in a coastal school in Northumberland. Since 1999 have been living and working in southern Thailand (yes, near where the tsunami hit – a lot of our projects relate to the aftereffects of that disaster).

    Welcome any opportunity to exchange ideas, provide insights on work in places like Thailand, research supervision, link possible mentors with communities, individuals or institutions with a need.

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