Thanks To

Thanks to the enthusiasm of everyone who signed the pledge at Pledgebank. And all those pledgers who have been in touch with personal details, ideas about projects which could use mentors, the people who have phoned to talk, and have offered themselves as mentors to me.

Thanks to Chris Anderson and the Sapling Foundation, who awarded me �1000 to start this project. So far I have registered a couple of domain names of which this is the one we like best. Thanks too for all of those people helping so far for free. A special mention to Ben Metcalfe who thinks he may be too busy to be a mentor, but has found the time and space to help me set up this blog, provide hosting, set up discussion lists, the wiki and project management space all coming soon.

Thanks also to Jan Leeman who volunteered to help at the TED lunch and has been a supportive and exceptional sounding board for me, as we figure out the best way forward. Jan is developing tools for knowledge sharing within and between groups. He has helped found two high-technology companies (one IPO and one acquired), and is also an active pro-bono consultant with Stanford ACT

Sam Ajluni , Director of Visual and Brand Development for Clear Magazine and “ONE” the movie approached me at TED with some designs for potential logos on his ipod, talk about taking the initiative! Following comments from me and many of you he has reworked our top two with the help of designers Lisa Beattie and Mike Besch. Many thanks to you all.

John Girard has been a remote ally for some time. Before we met we worked online to draft the first spec for our service. He helped me immensly on a recent trip connect with other people and companies he and Jan Leeman felt mght help us get to the next stage. More on the blog soon!


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